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My name is Rashida Outlaw and I own Outlaw Enterprises, LLC. I started my company in Fredericksburg, Virginia because I wanted to offer the local business community a better way to streamline their ability to accept payments from their customers. 


My company acts as a broker between merchant services companies and business owners. In my position as payments broker, we have developed unique partnerships with merchant banks. With that direct relationship, you save money because you do not have an intermediary like PayPal, Square, etc.


Outlaw Enterprises shops the best deal for each bank, like a broker in any industry, and manage the whole process. Acting as your broker, we get paid a fee from the bank after we save you on your cost, your company does not pay anything. You just save money. There are different savings depending on the risk, quality, and the amount and type processed.


I partnered with leaders in the merchant services industry to help businesses save money on merchant processing fees so that they have more time to grow their enterprise. We also help businesses select the best payments terminal based on their needs. 

Our Partners

At Outlaw Enterprises, we partner with leaders in the merchant services industry to provide you with the highest quality service grounded in the latest technologies and security features. Our partnership also allows us to remain competitive and to negotiate the best rates on behalf of our clients.